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Products in focus this month

Hanami Cosmetics
Hanami Cosmetics

We are super excited stocking this nail polish, made from plants! 100% vegan, non-toxic, breathable and benzo free. Also available, nail polish remover and stickers to reboot your nails.

from $8.95 each

Bonsoy Soy Milk
Bonsoy soy milk

Our favourite plant based milk. Traditionally made. Free from preservatives and seed oils.

$4.60 each
$27.00 per 6pk

GF Precinct
GF Precinct bread

GF Precinct has hit the shelves! A selection of loaves arrive in store every Tuesday. No more cardboard GF BREAD from the major supermarkets!

from $10.10 each

Kehoe's Fermented Foods
Kehoe's Fermented Foods

Kraut, kimchi, cashew cheese and garlic paste... our range of Kehoe's Fremented Foods deserves to be a part of your weekly shop.

from $15.85 each

Wild Craft Tasmania Ceremonial Cacao
Wild Craft Tasmania ceremonial cacao

The freshest and purest Ceremonial Cacao available, stone ground right here in Australia. Crafted in small batches from 100% organic Peruvian, ethically sourced Cacao beans.

from $32.00 each

Organic Times chocolate range
Organic Times chocolate range

Organic Times is an ethically-driven business based in Melbourne, Victoria. 100% certified organic, crafted using only the finest ingredients and made without palm-oil.

from $11.95 each

 Prices and stock availability may vary. Please contact or come into store for more information. 

 So, what's inside the store? 

  • Herbs & Spices
    herbs & spices
    Ranging from cayenne pepper to knock your socks off, to the aromatic gems of rosemary, thyme and fennel. Discover our organic and conventional spice wall at the back of our store, to set your senses alight.
  • Confectionary & Nibbles
    confectionary & nibbles
    Why have a sweet tooth, when you have a full set of teeth? Our vegan chocolate doesn't stay around long, whilst the old favourites of liquorice, scroggin and soya crisps are the familiar flavours that will always give you a high five.
  • Seeds
    Located in our large bulk tubs, come in store to see our range of sesame, chia, linseed (flaxseed) and popcorn.
  • Oil & Vinegar
    oil & vinegar
    Being able to fill your own oil and vinegar bottles is a great joy. No need to pay for bottles, which usually are placed back into recycling when done. Give them new life and refill, not turning into possible landfill.
  • Honey, Syrup, Sauce, Sugar & Salt
    honey, syrup, sauce, sugar & salt
    We have sugar, spice and all things nice. Pour your own honey from the dispensers on the left of the store and decant our maple syrup located in the fridge. You can find everything needed to finish off your creations.
  • Teas
    Our growing range of organic teas will hit the right spot, warming, energising and healing. Find the right accompaniment for you and let it give you a big warm hug.
  • Cleaning & Home
    cleaning & home
    It is a chore, we know. Buy in bulk and always have the right product there when you need it. Let our staff know and we will fill your detergent and washing liquid needs. Then rest and recover with a magnesium bath crystals. Eco friendly bathroom and kitchen products available too.
  • Baking
    Are you the baker in the family or a dessert fanatic? Keep those creations coming with our bi-carb soda and baking powder.
  • Pantry Staples
    pantry staples
    Stock-ing a range of organic bulk stock powders, canned goods and packaged pastas, ask our friendly staff who can advise what we have in store. We also have a whole wall devoted to gluten free products to keep you going.
  • Dried Fruit
    dried fruit & vegetables
    Not just for cooking and baking, stock your kitchen with healthy, easy on-the-go snacks. Add to the kids lunch boxes for added energy and nutrition. These are little powerhouses and will last and last in your pantry for when you need them.
  • Beans & Pulses
    beans & pulses
    Let them run free without the tins. Beans, peas and lentils are great to add to your diet. They are high in protein and fibre but still low in fat. Pulses are one of the highest fibre foods with just one portion providing about a third of the fibre you need for the entire day, keeping you full for longer. Add them to salads, hotpots or hearty warming soups.
  • Refrigerated
    Sourcing local produce, we stock the Elgaar range of organic milk, cream, yoghurt and cheeses produced 40km away. Bring your clean milk bottles back for a discount on your next order. Speciality cheeses can also be ordered, please ask in store. If dairy isn't your thing, we also have a range of vegan cheeses, kombucha, maple syrup or tofu to name a few.
  • Flour
    Our flour range is available in our bulk tubs, with gluten free options available, spanning the length of our store.
  • Grains & Rice
    grains & rice
    Good things start from the size of a grain of rice. Our quality bulk organic white, short brown, basmati and jasmine rice will make the perfect accompaniment to your meals.
  • Nuts
    Why yes we are... about nuts. Stocking a range of both conventional and organic nuts, whole and pieces, come in and browse our range of peanuts, cashews, brazil, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and mixed nuts. Great for a snack or baking.
  • Cereals
    Cereal does not have to be boxed and boring. We continually mix a range of cereal combinations in store, with gluten free options available. This allows us to sell our cereals with fresh pieces of succulent dried fruit and nuts. Come in and taste the difference today.
  • Fresh Produce
    fresh produce
    We source local fresh produce for low food miles so that the food eaten is in the area we live. Stocking spray free and organic produce, our range changes from what is fresh and in season.

Bring in your own containers?
What do you mean?

We provide paper bags and glass jars for purchase in store for those who need them, but we encourage you to bring your own containers. No need to go out and buy new containers though, you can re-use, recycle or re-purpose the ones you have around the house. So feel free to bring in any clean storage container or old jars. It all makes a difference and there is no need to decant them once you get home, they are already sealed ready to store. It's a win win!

  • BYO Weigh it
    weigh it
    Bring your clean container(s) to the counter, where we will weigh it and any contents (the tare), and stick on the base the weight.
  • BYO Fill it
    fill it
    You fill your container(s), placing them in your basket as you go. Once finished, bring your goodies back to the counter.
  • BYO Weigh it again
    weigh the total
    We weigh it again and calculate the net contents. This means, you only pay for the amount you put in your container.

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